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Warmth. Understanding. Patience. Insight.

Non-judgement. Validation. Healing. Resolution.


This is the approach I use in my clinical practice, and I have been described as such by my clients. I believe that you are visiting this site to seek answers and find healing in some pain or distress in your life, so I am glad you are taking the first steps towards focusing on what is most important - you and your emotional health.  


I value and endorse the benefits of psychotherapy, and I invite you to contact me for an initial phone consultation. Based on our discussion, I can help you to determine the best appropriate fit, style, modality, therapeutic orientation and type of treatment that is congruent to what you need.  I believe my clients are the experts in what they need, and I serve to facilitate their process of deepening their self-understanding. I provide clinical consultation and confidential psychotherapy on how people achieve lasting improvements in their self esteem, coping, relationships, and overall well-being.



The world today is different from the world yesterday and tomorrow. We, too, experience changes in which we are not the same people with the same interests and the same roles we had six months ago...a year ago...a decade ago. In order to keep up, we have to manage the stress that comes along the way, and sometimes those everyday stressors seem insurmountable. We then question and criticize ourselves for not being able to “keep up” with a world that is changing every minute, in every facet of our lives.  


My clients and I work together to make sense of what is happening in their lives, both past and present, and to not judge it. I help them define areas where they believe they might make changes to feel, think, and act more effectively and skillfully. Ultimately I work to contribute to my clients’ growing sense of safety and well-being, culminating in lives that are worth living and filled with a renewed sense of meaning and purpose

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