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About Me


With over 10 years of clinical experience, I offer psychotherapy to adult individuals, couples, and families. I help my clients to understand the difficulties that brought them to therapy and help them find more satisfying and fulfilling ways of being in the world. My approach integrates a variety of empirically-based interventions from the latest scientific findings from cognitive neuroscience and psychotherapy research. I implement a diverse approach to psychotherapy recognizing that one model does not fit all.  


My training from Northwestern University allows me to provide psychodynamic psychotherapy and integrate a cognitive behavioral approach. However, my specialities include Dialectical Behavior Therapy which includes “life skills” training that allows us to be more regulated in our emotions, be effective in our interpersonal relationships and learn to manage the distress that is sometimes uncontrollable and/or unforeseeable. Some of the issues that we experience are beyond our control and involuntary including loss, illnesses, transitions, etc. and we work together to understand how to better manage them. Additionally, I implement an empirically based intervention approved by the U.S. Department of Defense called EMDR for the treatment of trauma. With EMDR, I can integrate other modalities, to better address the distress and/or upsetting events that is experienced and consequently leading to some dysfunction or impairment.

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