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Individual Psychotherapy


Family Psychotherapy


You may have reported experiencing anxiety or panic attack(s), but never had a history of anxiety. Or you might feel sad, angry and/or irritated, but cannot make sense as to why. Some of my clients think: “something's wrong with me”; “I’m not good/smart/thin enough”; I’m a failure”; “I should’ve known better”; “Why do I keep making the same mistakes when I know its wrong”; or “I can’t trust myself".


For others, it’s not primarily our thoughts that are affected but rather our emotions where you feel stuck, trapped, lost - or all of the above.





If any of this sounds familiar, I would like to help you understand what may be going on so that you can make sense of it, and develop strategies to better manage your life. As you may have noticed, it does not only affect the way you think, feel and act; it eventually impacts your relationships with others including your family, friends, colleagues, etc.


Psychotherapy helps to better cope with the issues that cause distress, and I customize a treatment plan that focuses on any or all or the following issues:




Relationship issues

Grief and Loss andTransition(s)

Eating Disorders (including binge eating)

Workplace and Career Demands

Professional and Personal Balance

Depression and Mood

Dysfunctional Family Experiences

Cultural Adjustment/Multicultural Concerns

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